Astrology Resourceful For Self Improvement Virgo's Perspective.

The Inner Workings Of The Self Through The Lens Of The Virgo


Astrology Used For The Study Of Self

The Sun sign is not enough to understand the total self when using astrology. Other planets are involved to help paint the whole picture of the self. The Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, just to name a few and they all have an influence upon our personality which we can change if recognized. 

We are all complex and unique in our own individual way. There is no one person who is the same or responds the same in life experiences. Any attempt to give an accurate astrology description from only a Sun sign falls short from the true image of self.  Only by studying the entire birth chart can an individual begins to get a more complex picture of their personality.  And the type of person we really are, which the majority of us do not sense due to the blinders of our own ego. 

We change gradually every day and with every person, we meet the entanglement evolve as a part of who we are. Love, fear, success, tragedy, etc each circumstance of life changes us. However, the essence of who we remain. And the Sun sign is the outline of that original self.  The sun sign gives you a view of self-knowledge and a deeper insight into the stranger that is yourself.

Getting To Know The Virgo

Virgo born individuals have an obsession for accomplishment and perfection.  Virgos are the type that says “let's do this now”. You are naturally organized and not much of a daydreamer, you’re a day-doer. Your emotional life is a constant striving for order especially out of chaos. Although you have a great capacity for love, love alone is not enough for you to be happy. 

Virgos need more than a companion, a house, and friends, they need to justify their life with purpose. The Virgo is very ambitious, and not just for money, they have a thirst for knowledge and wisdom.  Just to exercise that newly acquired wisdom for meaningful use. The Virgin also a representation of the Virgo stands for purity of purpose. In ancient times Virgo was the sign of the harvest and the symbolic meaning of the Virgin holding a sheaf of wheat.

Virgos take what has been earned to them through study and hard work (knowledge, information, skills) and harvest this energy to do something of practical benefit.  Virgo individuals want to utilize the gifts they were born with to nourish the world. Intelligence is the signature of this sign. You have an excellent memory, an analytical mind, and are known for the insightful ways of thinking.

The Essence of Virgo 

The Virgo of purity of purpose has a keen ability to probe into human motives. People like to ask your advice about their plans before putting them into action because you have microscopic laser vision when it comes to detecting flaws.  Virgos have a natural gift at finding problems, taking apart difficulties, and putting them back together in proper order.

You believe life should be approached rationally and are naively convinced that a reasonable presentation of the facts will carry the day.  But I’m sure these days you realize that’s not true anymore for the most part.  Your important life lesson is to expand your vision, to look at things from a broader perspective, and to believe in the power of faith. Virgos are influenced by Mercury, the planet of thought, and mental perceptions.  Your ideas form your reality, if you hold on to a negative attitude then your reality will also unfold negatively. Though this is true for all of us it is especially true for the Virgo.

More often than most the Virgo don’t see the forest for the trees. A preoccupation with neatness and precision sometimes limits your peripheral vision. This weakens faith in logic which confines your imagination and leaves you short on inspiration. You are too dependent on established practices and methods.  Creating difficulties is a trait that seems to follow you has due to a tendency to over complicate things. Making big issues out of small problems is kind of your thing.

Your nature is shy and reserved and it’s hard for you to relax. Small talk with strangers seems to irritate you. You would prefer a one-on-one conversation where you can offer a full meal of your sharp insights and discerning opinions.  This is when others discover how informative you are your perceptiveness and wittiness that you possess.  Virgos have a highly developed sense of discrimination which may lead you to be hypercritical. You are unsatisfied with things as they are and continue to analyze situations and people in the hope of finding a way to make them better. At times your finely tuned sensibilities can even make you unhappy. They give you a heightened awareness of the world’s imperfections, and it is difficult for you to receive criticism from others.

Brief Summary of Virgo

The Inner spirt in you has plenty of willpower and dedication, and you will work harder than anyone to make sure something is perfect. The motivation is, if you can’t do everything superbly you will begin to fear that you’re failing yourself and others.

Virgos are much too critical of themselves. The strange thing about a Virgo is, you hold back your emotions with people you don’t know well and those you love. Inwardly though, you feel very deeply. The intensity and extreme sensitivity are part of your secret self. You like looking after others, giving advice to friends, helping abused animals, you have a big heart. On the other hand, Virgos need to be appreciated for the kind things you do.  Virgo in all illustrations of the zodiac sign is of a woman, so let’s talk about that for a moment. Virgo like mother earth is a natural nurturer of all that exists.

Reflection Of The Virgo

Others see you as a real go-getter. People trust you to handle any job. They think of you as a person who can analyze almost any problem logically. Others come to you when they want their actions explained to them, or are feeling confused about relationships. You are valued for your ability to set priorities and maintain organization. Because you’re both analytical and truthful, people trust your judgment.  Others often perceive you as cold-hearted and emotionless because you don’t wear your heart on your sleeves.

 The Virgo sign is represented in the body near the solar plexus or between the navel and lower chest.  This region of the body if blocked, will express its self as having emotional issues and negative behaviors.  The job of the solar plexus is an essential part of the nervous system, it keeps organs running smoothly and preparing the body to brace for stressful situations. As the body’s metabolism changes the solar plexus is responsible for the fight or flight response.  Kali sulfate is the cell salt associated with the Virgo. This is the cell salt that is mostly exhausted during a high level of energy use. When replenished it will keep your nervous system happy and metabolism balanced.